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virtual assistant solutions with your bigger picture in mind


COVID-19 & Looking Towards the Future

How will the world move towards an even more extensive virtual situation?  What will happen and how will you structure your business when...

We are listening and learning!

We are listening and learning, and wanted to provide some resources for those who want to do the same.

What other points can you think of?

I was thinking today that if someone never hired a virtual assistant before, they may be asking why they would hire one, so I came up...

VA is an industry, not a title!

Each VA has a completely different skill set that can help your business and your personal life thrive.  In addition to doing regular...

Happy Admin Professionals Week!

Because without you, chaos would ensue. Thank you for all you do! #notJUSTanadmin #administrativeprofessionals #administrativeassistant...

Obstacles that we can help address

During the current situation, social distancing has impacted not only the economy but also our ability to conduct business in the manner...

Commitment and Expertise

As the founder of GSM Virtual, my commitment and expertise are to serve our clients by virtually creating order out of chaos and thus...

We got this!

Every business owner should have a Virtual Assistant! In an increasingly busy life, when vast amounts of crucial decisions need to be...

Work From Home

Working-from-home (WFH) is quickly turning from rare to unavoidable. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to work from their...

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